About The Junction 505 Foundation

Our Mission

For the past 16 years, the Junction 505 Foundation Board has endeavored to raise money for goods and services not covered by Junction 505’s grants and contracts.

Recent Harvest Moon banquets allowed the development board to provide $25,000 for a new van used to transport our work crews, as well as $15,000 additional funding for employment counselors to provide on-going support to current consumers.

Junction Five-O-Five Foundation Board ~ 2016 

Denise Bermudez

Marselaine Clarke

Jan Folse

Virginia Fox

Cynthia Hurt

Susie Junek

Jay Granberry

Jeanne Mitchell

Jesse Montelongo Jr.

Carol Nichols

Jennifer Ozmetin

Lora Ouren

Julie Paprock

Neal Peltier

Gene Ann Robbins

Ron Schmidt

Jo Ann Treat

Bea Uvacek

Michele Zinn